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CORE Martial Arts


CORE Martial Arts and Fitness
Libertyville, IL


6 years


Captured contacts, segmented, used drip campaigns to hold engagement, ran promotions, overall management

Tools used

MailChimp, Constant Contact, Google Analytics, Survey Monkey, Google Sheets/Doc/Slides, Excel/Word, Photoshop


Marketing Manager

Mapped customer journey from initial contact through repeat sales. Monitored the collection of email addresses upon registration and in-person events. Segmented addresses based on email behavior and purchase behavior. Created yearly schedule and captured customer feedback. Maintain branding standards and professionalism. Analytics and reporting to School owners.
Results - Average over 5 years. 100+ emails
140 Active base
45% Open rate
5% Click thru

What I enjoyed
The chance to begin email marketing from the beginning of a start up company was rewarding because we started the journey along with the students and the email campaign could align easily with wherever they were in their journey.

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