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Fundraising Campaign for GHP


Lake County IL


Fall 2022


Strategic Marketing Manager

Project type

Fundraising Campaign Strategy

Additional work

Social Media Calendar creation

Tools used

Canva, Facebook, Google docs, Google Sheets

Was asked to plan the strategy fo Growing Healthy People to promote funding in the form of donations during Giving Tuesday in 2022. This was the first time this company did a fundraising campaign. To prepare, I participated in a Webinar focusing on creating a successful GivingTuesday campaign. Execution was performed by business owner. After campaign launched, I was asked to create a social media calendar to assist in the execution of the continued fundraising campaign.

Growing Healthy People used the global movement “GivingTuesday 2022” to achieve funding for their organization. GHP’s goal was to raise funds to help expand the “Seed to Table” programming to more middle schoolers and high school students.

What was achieved?
Raised awareness of GHP as a non-profit organization, their purpose, and their new website
Achieved 20% of $10,000 overall goal

How were donations acquired?
A Donorbox page was created to inform followers about the campaign and accept payments for donation.
Facebook served as the main channel for engagement and to drive followers to Donor box to make a donation. A new promotional banner was created and added to the top of the facebook page along with creative posts designed for the campaign.
Several posts when out promoting the campaign were shared and liked prior to, and the day of the campaign. See FB insights for activity data.
A Pop up (Lightbox) form was embedded on the GHP website (new Nov 2022) that links to the designated #GivingTuesday donorbox page.
Follow up posts and direct Thank you messages were sent to all donors.

What I enjoyed?
Working with the business owner who is passionate about their organization and the cause puts things into perspective and reminds us to focus on the important things in life.
Although this campaign did not reach some of the goals, awareness was achieved along with the means that were set up to accept donations. The message was received. Next year, further efforts are needed in increasing awareness and engagement to the larger audience that will be created throughout the year through new marketing efforts. As well as, direct email campaigns and use of advocates can be used to further promote fundraising.

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