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Digital Strategy for GHP


October 2022


Strategic Consultant

Project type

Strategy for Website creation


Growing Healthy People
Lake County IL


Wix, Canva, Photoshop, Google Sheets, Google Doc,

This project required a strategy to launch a comprehensive website in 6 weeks for Growing Healthy People (GHP), a non-profit organization.
Goal - to raise awareness of the organization with funders, partners, and the community, to identify GHP's service and ongoing efforts, and to set the stage to raise funds for future growth.

By working together, the owner and I created a clear way to tell their story, provide updates on current projects as well as exciting news, and offer volunteer and mentoring opportunities. Also, it was important to have a clear call to action for the owners to communicate their consultation services for future greenhouse and garden developments.

Prior to project assignment - was a basic website with limited capabilities and was hosted by There was no true understanding of what GHP has done, is currently doing, or what positive impact they can make through the help of grants, donations, and volunteering.

Project accomplished: went live in 6 weeks (11/02/2022) and was within budget. Funders are viewing the site to assist them in granting funds with a better knowledge of who GHP is.

What I enjoyed - Working with a business owner who is passionate about their work is the best! I knew the project was going to be a success from the first day when I was able to tour the locations, meet the team, and just listen to what they wanted.

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