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My marketing path

I've always loved hiking. Starting down a new path always proved to be exciting. Never quite seeing where it goes...or what's around the corner... my family wouldn't hesitate following me because I had that sense of confidence, curiosity and desire that would keep us moving and get us through to the end. For me, starting a marketing campaign feels the same way. 


Since 2012, I have been providing marketing consulting services to small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Northern Illinois. As a Veteran Marketer with 20+ years in the Marketing industry, I use my knowledge and wisdom gained from experience, a Master's Degree in Integrated Marketing, and certifications in Customer Communications and Digital Marketing.

  • 10 years experience corporate direct mail management & working with creative agencies

  • 8 years experience owning and managing my own ecommerce business

  • 6 years online marketing management experience including email campaign creation

  • 10 years developing website strategy & managing website development including becoming a Wix Partner member and completing various digital marketing coursework such as SEO & AI. 


I've walked the walk as a small business owner myself, so I understand the need when it's time to hire a professional to save time and money in the long run for a small business.

My Core Values


Be Prepared

Digital marketing requires hard work in order to be successful. I will dedicate time and effort to creating and refining campaigns and strategies. I'll come in having a plan, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices


Offer value

Being your consultant provides an opportunity to work together in an  innovative way. Reusable guidelines customized for your business at an affordable rate and executed faster than a big agency. 


Demonstrate Trust

Trust is a key factor in any successful journey. Engagement comes from first trusting. I will work to build trust, demonstrate respect, transparency and integrity in all my efforts. 

Maybe you'll take a guess

Aren't demographics enough to identify my audience?

When it comes to digital marketing, identifying the right audience goes beyond just demographics. You must consider factors such as:

  • where is your audience spending their time and dollars online?

  • who and where are they getting referrals from?

  • what is their preferred type of content, their interests, and their online behavior?

Maybe you'll have time

Running the day to day business takes a lot of time

Marketing your business today can get overwhelming when you consider all of the options and the ever changing technology. Maybe you know enough on your own to get things moving, and the internet can be a great help. But, do you really have the time or tools to:

  • truly identify and understand your audience?

  • create a specific plan?

  • get the tasks done while having to focus on the rest of your business? 

Do you know how to get started?

The truth is...

There's no shortcut when it comes to marketing. It takes a lot of planning, certainty, hard work and following up. Using a marketing consultant with a proven process and a specific focus will help ensure your project can be done
quickly and efficiently. 

Are you ready to improve your marketing or make a change in a new direction? Identifying your target audience first is a good start.

Let me show you what I can do for your business

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