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An online health check of your digital marketing presence is a great way to assess how you are managing your digital marketing efforts and to determine where and if you are reaching your target audience. By asking questions about your online presence you can work to create a better picture of what you want your targeted audience to see your buisness. 

Heath Check

Health Check

Here's what you can expect

Complete the Health Check list download to answer questions and identify your current online marketing efforts. 

Request an analysis for your business.  It can be completed in typically 5 business days depending on the size and age of your business.

Schedule a 1.5 - 1 hr meeting to go over results. A report on your current online touch points and overall state of your online presence can be presented.

We discuss and identify areas of improvement based on your business needs and create a timeline and strategy for improvement.

Health checklist

Ready to create the ideal picture of your business's online presence?

Download now

Who needs this service?

You do!

  • If, your business has an online presence

  • If different departments/agencies have launched different platforms or are managing different platforms

  • If Your business has changed its logo, messaging, or contact information recently

  • If you're offering a new product or service

  • If you are starting or improving your email campaigns

  • If you don't have a clear picture of what your online presence looks like

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 9.26.08 AM.png

Christine is amazing to work with. Her marketing plan is very detailed and easy to understand. She really digs into where you are looking to take your business and a plan on how to get you there. She is very patient and holds your hand through the process without making you feel dumb.  I would highly recommend her!

Jodi Van Leer, J Van Leer Designs, LLC Spring 2023

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