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Let's start with a Discovery session

Discovery sessions are an essential first step when starting any marketing campaign. Virtual or in person. Either, way we are taking that first step down the path together. 

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Here's what you can expect

We'll work together to identify your business goals and needs, as well as, who you are trying to reach

We'll use a variety of tools, such as persona identification, journey mapping, and key word phrases, to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that will bring results.

Together, we'll assess your current marketing efforts and develop a plan to optimize them for success.

At the follow up session, a recommended baseline strategy and estimated timeline will be presented.

Can I help you start moving down this path?

Who needs this service?

You do!

  • If, your business wants an effective campaign that specifically aimed at a targeted group who will bring you the most $$$.

  • If you want to talk about your business marketing goals and your ideas for future campaigns.

  • If you want an easy process that will get results.

  • If you want a professional who will dedicate their experience and hard work toward your goals. 

"I trusted Christine to advise us on the best course of action to market and manage our new clients."
Therese Lindal
After School Summer Camp Director / School Co Owner 
CORE Martial Arts and Fitness
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